The PRO-LAG Golf Swing Trainer – Designed by Rick Timm, a PGA Teaching Professional




The Pro Lag creates the most important move in golf, the “LAG EFFECT”. It produces a more powerful IMPACT position and will guarantee you more distance!

This unique training aid allows you to HEAR and FEEL the correct position by the shifting weights. The overall weight of the product will also improve strength and flexibility.

36″ length
3 lbs. weight
One size fits all

How to use the PRO-LAG Golf Swing Trainer


How to use the PRO-LAG Golf Swing Trainer – Step by Step Instructions


Position 1:  Set-Up


You should start at the address position with the club in the middle of your stance like pictured. When gripping the pro-lag swing trainer, the ten finger grip is recommended for better support of the product.

Position 2: Wrist Hinge


Move the pro-lag about waist high slowly so you can hear and feel the weights shift towards the grip. You can see that a 90 degree angle has been created between my arm and the pro-lag trainer.

Position 3: Full Backswing


Bring the pro-lag up to the top of your backswing making sure your back faces your target. Hold this position for a few seconds and maintain the loading of the weights in the handle.

Position 4: Create the Lag


This is the most critical position returning to the half way point, make sure you hold the weights in the handle and do not allow them to slide towards the tip or end. You can repeat positions 3 & 4 several times as an exercise for proper development of the lag position. Remember, every good player creates this lagging of the club for power, consistency and accuracy.

Position 5: Good Extension


You always want to have good extension during the forward motion of the swing. You will feel the weights transfer to the end of the pro-lag and the weight will pull you forward into your finish. You can hold this position or continue to follow through to the finish.

Position 6: Balanced Finish

As the weights transfer to the end of the pro-lag, the momentum will help you finish fully. This will also help increase your flexibility and strength as you swing this tool regularly. Make sure you always start slowly and build up your swing speed. Always maintain your balance for a few seconds after the finish.